Getting to Know Mandailing Tribe at Bougainvillae Homestay

Homestay is always interesting. I went to stay in homestays a couple of times with Papa and Mummy and I like them very much. The most recent homestay we visited is Bagasta Bougainvillae Homestay. It is nearby my home, somewhere in Gombak.

This homestay is run by Mandailing people. And they are very big on culture.

Check out my video. One day with Mandailing people. It is very interesting.

 photo DSCN7236_zpszrtjmned_edit_1443723787233_zps55ryuqvx.jpg

When we arrived, there are people playing traditional drums. It goes boom boom and bam bam.

 photo DSCN7232_zpsxvvkv8n6.jpg

Uncle Libra and abang RTM is welcomed by  ‘penghulu’ of the homestay. They put a scarve on his neck and dance as he walked inside the homestay.

 photo DSCN7274_zps8cdt7v4i_edit_1443724724232_zpsu6gdu8ui.jpg

Emily Jie Jie cooking tempe. It is one of the things we did that day. She keep screaming while cooking. She was afraid of the hot oil.

 photo DSCN7256_zpswrwpf9ky_edit_1443724836349_zpsihul25jd.jpg

Nasi Upah Upah. A special traditional rice cooked by Mandailing people. They usually serve this on people’s birthday and for sick people.

 photo DSCN7240_zps4v4yyjjo_edit_1443724759472_zpszoznrdpg.jpg

The rice is for sharing. I just ate the chicken. It is very tasty.

The Mandailing people are very interesting. I really like them. They are very friendly and during lunch, they keep ask me if I want more food. I was very happy.

Bagasta Bougainvillae Homestay
No 78, Jln KSK 4,
Kg Sungai Kertas,
68100 Batu Caves.

Extreme Sports at Gua Damai Extreme Park

Here is a video I made during my visit to Gua Damai Extreme Park with my parents and uncle and aunties from Tourism Malaysia Selangor.

It was really amazing. You can do extreme sports here. There is rockclimbing, abseiling and cave exploration too. You can also visit if you want to. Below is the info:

Wira Adventure Consultant
No 3-2, Jalan PGN 1A/1,
Pinggiran Batu Caves,
68100 Batu Caves, Selangor
[email protected]
Mustapha: 012-4812005

Amazing Trip with Tourism Malaysia Selangor

My mummy is a very adventurous person. She is very different from everyone else. I’m a lucky boy because she don’t really care if I do well in school or not.

Sometimes I pity her. People sometimes says she fail as I don’t do well at school, because I am autistic and I am dyslexic. The only way for me to communicatd is online and through writing with my ipad. (I cannot write normally. It will all be backwards. And I have problems talking. It hurt my head when I do.)

But I think mummy is amazing. Cousins my age all have to go tuitions and have no life outside school, and they get scolded even when they score their exam, but I don’t have to worry about that and get to see the world because of her. They always show off. Friends too. I never like it. But it is okay. They don’t get to have fun like me.

Last week, we followed trip with Tourism Malaysia Selangor. We had fun. A lot. I like the people there. They are kind and friendly. Not like some people I meet. They don’t look at me as if I’m a freak or call me retard.

We went to alot places in just one day.

 photo received_10153164561204077_zpssfpq7ncb.jpeg

First we went to Gua Damai. For rock climbing. Mummy did rock climbing. But she don’t let me do it. Because it is too tall.

 photo DSCN7271_zpsxeau6hma_edit_1443120642603_zpsiompmf54.jpg

Then we visited a homestay. We get to eat nasi upah and cook sambal tempe.

 photo DSCN7316_zpsv8sbxeku.jpg

And then, we visited a Batik shop. It is called Barakaff Exclusive. Here, we get to to do Batik painting at the factory area

 photo DSCN7329_zpsyczl52dh.jpg

Lastly, we stay a night in Eco Murai Rimba. It is a nice and quiet place and there is a river just opposite of it where everyone go and swim the next day.

I will tell you more about these places. It is really fun. I promise.

Stay tune, for more. You can also follow our family blog https://blogging- helped with video and picture edit there because mummy don’t know how) or my instagram @aliengotravel for update. 🙂 Say hi. And I will say hi to you back.

Melaka Alive: Pirate Adventure

Do you like pirate? I like pirates, so Mummy brought me to Melaka Alive: Pirate Adventure. This is the second time I visit Melaka Alive. My first time was in April. Back in April, it was for 5D Bahtera Merdeka performance.

 photo IMG_20150826_130315_zpsskkjhtz0.jpg

Bahtera Merdeka is actually a stage kind of ship. It is located in front of Proclamation of Independence. The landmark is the famous Porta de Santiago. You know, the building people usually mistake as the A Famosa.

 photo IMG_20150826_130253_zpsh3dj3hpc.jpg

Melaka Alive new attraction: Pirate Adventures. Here, you can go up in the ship and play pirate for a day.

 photo IMG_20150830_183328_zps6r66snsu.jpg

There are a lot of pirates inside the ship and you need to find your way out. It is something like the horror or ghost house, but instead of ghost, there are pirates and monsters in it.

 photo PirateAdventure1_zpsk0bhtfmz.jpg


 photo lanun-pirate-adventure-3_zps6djeaf5q.jpg

You will need to walk through the jungle

 photo lanun-pirate-adventure-2_zpscw5xi6ks.jpg

And search for treasure. But careful, there is a dungeon here.

 photo PirateAdventure-11_zpsxzxdnnhx.jpg


 photo PirateAdventure10_zps5vl4ljfl.jpg

Octopus attack! You need to fight the octopus before you can go out.

 photo PirateAdventure-5_zpsgwc5duer.jpg

Beat it up! Yeehaaaaa!

 photo PirateAdventure12_zpsddi3sdkv.jpg

Get rewarded with treasure! It is a really fun place for an adventure.

Below is information for it if you want to go.

Operating hours;

Monday – Thursday: 10am – 7pm
Friday – Sunday and Malaysia Public Holidays: 10am – 9:30pm

GPS N 2.191 261 E 102.250 725


Gotong Royong at Pantai Bagan Lalang

The Ministry of Tourism and Culture (MOTAC) has organized ‘Voluntourism PUSPANITA IM4U at Pantai Bagan Lalang, Sepang, Selangor back in 22th August 2015 and I went with Papa, Mummy and Uncle Koz.

We were brought to visit the Mobile Library, Booths and Exhibition site where Santai Teh Tarik Tourism sessions will be held before heading to the beach.

 photo IMG_7037_zpsdwp8nj9m.jpg

Dirty beach before the cleaning process.

 photo IMG_6915_zps9tezjby7.jpg

Planting trees at the beach along Avani Sepang Gold Coast

 photo IMG_6966_zpsgg0nmlyu.jpg

A group photo of volunteers. How come mummy so bad. Never snap my photos doing work?

 photo IMG_6902_zpsl20gwjk7.jpg

Nice or not? This is after the gotong royong.

World Tourism Day 2015

 photo world-tourism-day_zpscjgch7cs.jpg

Being one with the United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Malaysia will be celebrating the World Tourism Day which announced on 27 September each year to show the importance of tourism in global economy.

This years celebration is themed 1Billion Tourists, 1Billion Opportunities aimed to foster awareness of the importance of tourism and its contribution to social, cultural, political and economic value.

The global World Tourism Day 2015 celebration will take place in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Adding colours to the World Tourism Day 2015 celebration, Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia through Malaysia Tourism Centre (MaTiC) is organising #Kolektif1 which is a photography exhibition consists of a total of 78 beautiful pictures taken by 28 professional local photographers starting from 26 September until 30 October 2015.

Other exciting activities during the celebration include the Fuji Global Photo Walk; Photography Talk; Hop on Hop off (HOHO) World Tourism Day 2015 Bus Launch and also the Media City Tour.

A lot is happening for this year World Tourism day 2015 celebration as the Ministry is also collaborating with Taylors University for an institutional level World Tourism Day celebration on 29 September 2015 through the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS). More than 3,000 participants including students, lecturers, representatives from various tourism agencies as well as industry players such as Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) and Tourism Educators Association of Malaysia (TEAM) are expected to join the celebration.

Among the activities are the Cultural Stalls, Orang Asal Demonstration, Cultural Performances, 1Billion Tourists, 1Billion Opportunities Tourism Talk and many more. It is hoped that this collaboration will help to increase awareness, knowledge and opportunities especially among students about tourism diversification to national development and a key-driver to socio-economic progress.

It has also been an honour and another accolade to Malaysia especially in conjunction with World Tourism Day 2015 celebration as the Minister of Tourism and Culture Malaysia, YB Dato Seri Mohamed Nazri bin Abdul Aziz was elected as the Vice President of the 21st UNWTO General Assembly in Madellin, Colombia on 16 September 2015.

To support the local tourism industry as well as heighten up the celebration, public are encourage to upload photos of their visits to local tourist destinations with hashtag, #MYWorldTourismDay. Globally, UNWTO also invites everyone to join them showcasing the power of travel and tourism sector in global conversation using hashtags #1billiontourists and #WTD2015 in social media.

Santai Teh Tarik Tourism: Culture and Heritage Tourism

Had some fun with Papa and Mummy at recent event. Santai Teh Tarik Tourism.

 photo IMG_6855_zps0wtigtjr.jpg

Santai Teh Tarik Tourism: Culture& Heritage Tourism. All things related to traveling.

 photo IMG_6844_zpsorogsz4y.jpg

Musical performance by school children

 photo IMG_6760_zps9fjoix0w.jpg

Uncle and auntie from Tourism Malaysia Selangor. I met them many times in a few events Papa and Mummy brought me to.

 photo IMG_6782_zps8zuflj56.jpg

Pebble painting.

 photo IMG_6808_zps6nxgtxex.jpg

Batik painting

 photo IMG_6865_zps17xwjrvw.jpg

Craft making demo

 photo IMG_6872_zpsrk2ndjte.jpg

Pretty artworks and origami.

 photo IMG_6802_zpsn4oehmyi.jpg

Cupcake making and decorating

 photo IMG_6803_zpsgluvya7p.jpg

Delicious cupcakes, but did not take any.

 photo IMG_6836_zpsie2fnujp.jpg

Dodol making in progress.

 photo IMG_6824_zpscgmcqcul.jpg

Dodol is looks weird here.
 photo IMG_6833_zpsfnfohhab.jpg

I dare not try.

After the event…we went to the beach and lunch.

Fun at Malaysia International Mask Festival 2015

I love mummy. She always bring me for many fun outings. This one was at a mask festival.

Malaysia International Mask Festival (MIMAF) 2015 was held from August 13-16 at Esplanade Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park and hosted by Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac) via the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN).

 photo IMG_6536_zpsvj0jcxnq.jpg

Too far to get close up look of the performance, so we didn’t stay for it.

 photo IMG_6540_zpsrw7gz1it.jpg

Entrance to the mask exhibition.

 photo IMG_6550_zpsnmbo7mkj.jpg

Masks for you to try on that night

 photo IMG_6600_zpsczupxq6q.jpg

Mask making demo session

 photo IMG_6602_zpsuqhs94ql.jpg

Mask making in progress

 photo IMG_6744_zpsp89ynpor.jpg

Mask colouring process

 photo IMG_6740_zps0lyjv5ic.jpg

A semi complete Jalur Gemilang themed mask

 photo IMG_6717_zpst5cru1gw.jpg

Strange looking masks on display

 photo IMG_6718_zpst7caa2wv.jpg

Colourful but freaky

 photo IMG_6720_zpsxw9yqlvc.jpg

The many faces mask

 photo IMG_6725_zpscieozato.jpg

Weird mask from Thailand

 photo IMG_6716_zpsl8cgc2eb.jpg

At the Mah Meri Aborigin

 photo IMG_20150817_212241_zpsscsobdkw.jpg

Mummy playing monster here

 photo IMG_6636_zpszolgbiqq.jpg

Children, trying all sort of masks on

 photo IMG_6587_zpsezynvh9u.jpg

Nenek Kebayan

 photo IMG_6651_zpskiylkttd.jpg

JKKN performers in their full costumes.

 photo IMG_6693_zpshtjhkrhh.jpg

Mummy and I and FoNS (Friends of Negeri Sembilan). We met them at KLCC that night. 🙂 Happy time.

PNKids Gummies So Yummy

Mummy let me try some gummies. Usually she don’t let me eat any sweets. So I think this is good.

For your information, PNKids gummies does not contain Lactose, Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Gelatin, Preservatives, Artificial flavours, Artificial colours and eggs. It is indeed safe for your children to consume. PNKids now are No. 1 gummies in Singapore and it is originated from USA.

There are 6 types of variants here so that all of you can choose the gummies that are most suitable for your kids.

 photo PhotoGrid_1438445824418_zpsegt5grle.jpg

PNKids multi-vitamins for Boys and Girls with orange and grape flavour will provide your child with the key nutrients that they needed during their growing-up period. It is easy to take as it includes a variety of vital nutrients to prevent vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies. 

 photo PNKids-GuardC-MY-3D-300dpi-HighRes_zpscsfiykul.jpg

PNKids Guard C contains Vitamin C with Roseship mixed gummies orange flavour enhances the absorption of iron from non-meat source. It also contributes to the absorption of iron from the food.

 photo PNKids-Omega3DHA-MY-3D-300dpi-HighRes_zpsxwlg0gdb.jpg

PNKids Omega 3 DHA with mixed fish and coconut oil with lemon, orange and strawberry flavoured gummies is enriched with DHA, EPA and Omega 3. It is an easy to consume source of omega for your child, without the smelly taste associated with traditional fish oil.

 photo PNKids-Grow-MY-3D-300dpi-HighRes_zpscd4wm2f5.jpg

PNKids Grow with orange and lemon flavoured gummies with Calcium + Vitamin D. Calcium aids in the development of strong bones and teeth while Vitamin D assist calcium absorption in the body.

 photo PNKids-VitaGest-MY-3D-300dpi-HighRes_zpstyxeujva.jpg

PNKids Vitagest with mango flavoured gummies with Prebiotics + Vitamin C. It contains mixed vegetables and fruits i.e. Spinach, celery, cucumber, parlsey, pineapple, green apple, pear, kiwi, passion fruit and lemon also enriched with Vitamin C.

PNKids range is available at all leading pharmacies throughout Malaysia. For all parents, please be informed that PNKids are having their roadshow promotions at Ground Floor, 1U (Old Wing) Centre Court from 29 July 2015 til this Sunday, 2 August 2015 where you can get all these gummies at a promotion price, RM5 rebate and Garfield watches with lots of activities for your little ones. 


PNKids Boys/PNKids Girls – RP RM55.80/RM58.60 (EM)
PNKids Boys – RP RM55.80/RM58.60 (EM)
PNKids Omega 3 DHA – RP RM72.50/RM76.10 (EM) 
PNKids Grow – RP RM60.40/RM63.40 (EM) 
PNKids VitaGest – RP RM65.00/RM68.30 (EM)

PNKids is distributed by Kinsmedic Sdn Bhd which is a leading medical and healthcare supply company which is founded in 1992. They import and distribute medical equipment, instruments, medical sundries, healthcare products for home use throughout Malaysia.

For more information on PNKids Healthy Gummy range, please check out:

Facebook Page:

Fun with Chibi Maruko

Some time ago, mummy brought me to this Japanese summer festival in Pavilion KL in conjunction of their Tokyo Street 4th anniversary.

Everything is very cheerful and upbeat.

 photo DSCN1298_zpshuhtmnou.jpg

Chibi Maruko-chan 🙂

 photo DSCN1248_zpsn6kxl9lb.jpg

Fancy Japanese lanterns with summer theme can be seen everywhere in Pavilion.

 photo DSCN1238_zpsjzhguaiw.jpg

Men in Yukata.

 photo DSCN1240_zpsir3tbyjr.jpg

Ladies Yukata. Yukata literally means bathing clothes.

 photo DSCN1228_zpskodpilfx.jpg

Celebrating the vibrancy of summer in Pavilion KL

 photo DSCN1306_zpslgyxywlp.jpg

Preparing for the Japanese Summer dance.

 photo IMG_20150730_073059_zpsj5dojoj9.jpg
Mummy and I danced along

 photo DSCN1315_zpsjdouf3vb.jpg

Visit Tokyo Street for ‘Chibi Maruko Chan Land’ where Japanese games such as – wanage, superball fishing and yoyo fishing are available

 photo DSCN1329_zpsiiytq1y5.jpg

Entrance to Chibi Maruko Chan Land

 photo DSCN1318_zpswfccxcqd.jpg

It was really fun.