Amazing Trip with Tourism Malaysia Selangor

My mummy is a very adventurous person. She is very different from everyone else. I’m a lucky boy because she don’t really care if I do well in school or not.

Sometimes I pity her. People sometimes says she fail as I don’t do well at school, because I am autistic and I am dyslexic. The only way for me to communicatd is online and through writing with my ipad. (I cannot write normally. It will all be backwards. And I have problems talking. It hurt my head when I do.)

But I think mummy is amazing. Cousins my age all have to go tuitions and have no life outside school, and they get scolded even when they score their exam, but I don’t have to worry about that and get to see the world because of her. They always show off. Friends too. I never like it. But it is okay. They don’t get to have fun like me.

Last week, we followed trip with Tourism Malaysia Selangor. We had fun. A lot. I like the people there. They are kind and friendly. Not like some people I meet. They don’t look at me as if I’m a freak or call me retard.

We went to alot places in just one day.

 photo received_10153164561204077_zpssfpq7ncb.jpeg

First we went to Gua Damai. For rock climbing. Mummy did rock climbing. But she don’t let me do it. Because it is too tall.

 photo DSCN7271_zpsxeau6hma_edit_1443120642603_zpsiompmf54.jpg

Then we visited a homestay. We get to eat nasi upah and cook sambal tempe.

 photo DSCN7316_zpsv8sbxeku.jpg

And then, we visited a Batik shop. It is called Barakaff Exclusive. Here, we get to to do Batik painting at the factory area

 photo DSCN7329_zpsyczl52dh.jpg

Lastly, we stay a night in Eco Murai Rimba. It is a nice and quiet place and there is a river just opposite of it where everyone go and swim the next day.

I will tell you more about these places. It is really fun. I promise.

Stay tune, for more. You can also follow our family blog https://blogging- helped with video and picture edit there because mummy don’t know how) or my instagram @aliengotravel for update. 🙂 Say hi. And I will say hi to you back.