Fun at Malaysia International Mask Festival 2015

I love mummy. She always bring me for many fun outings. This one was at a mask festival.

Malaysia International Mask Festival (MIMAF) 2015 was held from August 13-16 at Esplanade Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC) Park and hosted by Ministry of Tourism and Culture (Motac) via the National Department for Culture and Arts (JKKN).

 photo IMG_6536_zpsvj0jcxnq.jpg

Too far to get close up look of the performance, so we didn’t stay for it.

 photo IMG_6540_zpsrw7gz1it.jpg

Entrance to the mask exhibition.

 photo IMG_6550_zpsnmbo7mkj.jpg

Masks for you to try on that night

 photo IMG_6600_zpsczupxq6q.jpg

Mask making demo session

 photo IMG_6602_zpsuqhs94ql.jpg

Mask making in progress

 photo IMG_6744_zpsp89ynpor.jpg

Mask colouring process

 photo IMG_6740_zps0lyjv5ic.jpg

A semi complete Jalur Gemilang themed mask

 photo IMG_6717_zpst5cru1gw.jpg

Strange looking masks on display

 photo IMG_6718_zpst7caa2wv.jpg

Colourful but freaky

 photo IMG_6720_zpsxw9yqlvc.jpg

The many faces mask

 photo IMG_6725_zpscieozato.jpg

Weird mask from Thailand

 photo IMG_6716_zpsl8cgc2eb.jpg

At the Mah Meri Aborigin

 photo IMG_20150817_212241_zpsscsobdkw.jpg

Mummy playing monster here

 photo IMG_6636_zpszolgbiqq.jpg

Children, trying all sort of masks on

 photo IMG_6587_zpsezynvh9u.jpg

Nenek Kebayan

 photo IMG_6651_zpskiylkttd.jpg

JKKN performers in their full costumes.

 photo IMG_6693_zpshtjhkrhh.jpg

Mummy and I and FoNS (Friends of Negeri Sembilan). We met them at KLCC that night. 🙂 Happy time.